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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Before and After Whole 30 ****warning, before and after photo's enclosed!!****

So, I completed the Whole 30 challenge!!! Basically, the Whole 30 challenge is for 30 days, you do not eat any form of sugar, wheat, dairy, or preservatives. You eat A LOT of vegetables, lean meats, fruits and nuts (no peanuts). It was rough the first couple of days without the wheat and sugar, I actually started getting shaky. But after the first four days, I felt a lot better. I also had more energy, which was good because I also made it a goal to work out 5-6 days a week. It has actually been a lot of fun, because Adam is very active, so we've been spending much more time together. We've gone running at night, gone to the gym, and done work outs at home together. I've also been going to the gym with my mom, and been doing workouts with my friend Stacia. My hopes from the Whole 30 were really just to feel better. I had started to feel so sluggish, that something as small as taking my baby for a walk in the stroller felt like too daunting of a task. Now I have so much more energy to play with her and keep up with my ever growing child!! My secondary goal was to lose some of that pesky baby weight. It's not like I gained a ton, but it was the heaviest I've ever been and it wasn't doing a lot for my self confidence. Well, after 30 days of strict commitment, I DO feel a lot better, much healthier, and yes......10 pounds lighter :) I am quite happy with my results, and proud of myself for sticking with it!! I can't say that I'm going to be able to be AS strict as I was this past 30 days with my diet, but I am going to strive to continue to eat healthier, and definitely stay active. It's good for my health, and it's good for my marriage!!! I have even been so bold as to post my before and after photo's. (and yes, I am flexing as hard as I can in both the before and afters. I promise you I was not sticking it out!) If you want to know more about the Whole 30 challenge, go to


  1. Rock on Natty You Look Great and I am so glad you are feeling so good... Congrats on sticking to the 30 days and feeling more active and working out so much... We have been sticking to our healthy eating too. I am proud of you and Adam. You look grea in the before and after. Love yah P

  2. Natalie!! I've been trying to post to your blog forever!! Something must be wrong with my log-in or something because I always get errors.
    I loved your "grateful" post and that little girl of yours gets cuter with every picture!
    I'm so interested in this challenge, I really want to do something like this. So admirable that you did and amazing results! (Although, it needs to be said, you look freaking fantastic even in the before pictures. )
    I'd love to get together with you too! Where do you live? We're in Utah County, but looking at some homes in Salt Lake/Davis area, so we hope to move soon. But it would be so fun to go to lunch one afternoon, let me know what works for you! I'm pretty open.

    1. Jen! K so I've messed around with my settings a little bit, I don't know what is wrong and why people can't post under their Login and only as Anonymous!! The settings said that everyone could post, but we'll see if it's fixed now. Sorry my blog is a pain in the arse! I would be happy to come meet you in Utah County one day, my sister lives in Springville so I could go visit her as well. I have Wednesdays and Saturdays of so lets plan something!! Ella naps around 1:30 ish, so sometime around 11:30 or noon is best for us. Let me know what works for you! Where is Utah County do you live?